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Janet Kravetz 

Janet Kravetz (sometimes writing under the pen name Topaz Ruby) is #1 Amazon bestselling and multi-award winning author as well as a mental health advocate.   

Janet was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel, where she had a career in legal research and public policy, joining the Israel Bar in 2009. Soon thereafter she immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada and continued working in the field of legal research and public policy, while volunteering with various local committees for the promotion of diversity and inclusion. She speaks Russian, Hebrew and English. 


In 2013 she launched a career as an award-winning poet and in 2014 as an award-winning author, when her self-published book of poetry and art “Reaching Beyond Ourselves – Leading a Spiritual, peaceful and Diverse World” won the international Beverly Hills Book Awards for both content and presentation (under the pen name Topaz Ruby). In the following years Janet turned to writing more poetry and also a few manuscripts about topics of spirituality, mental health, diversity and the environment. Her debut novel Sky Curse: The Chosen Five (Amazon, August 2022) won a November 2022 Literary Titan Silver Book Award and also two silver 2022 Global Book Awards.


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